Friday, December 28, 2012

STOP! It's HAMMERTIME...and Bunion time too...

I'm very new to the blogosphere however it does not decrease my level of excitement to share my left and right bunion and hammertoe with hard corns surgery! I am a 27-yr old Management Specialist for a NY Utility Company. I have a family and I'm a full time student. Yep, busy is not the word! But now is the time to have my surgery, I've waited and contemplated long enough!

Some would say I'm very young for such jacked up feet, but this situation is real and it's gotten worse every year. My bunions are hereditary and my flat feet doesn't make them any better. Couple that with wearing shoes that do not accommodate my bone deformity and VOILA! Bunions PLUS hammertime on a few toes! UGH! I'm NOT bringing sexy back. To combat my foot issues, I've worn shoes that were reasonable in width, height and support, however they sometimes made my foot numb with pain because the leather could not conform to my foot. I decided to take action and consult a surgeon. I chose a doctor located in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn.

I am currently into week 6 after having a bunionectomy on the left foot and 3 hammertoes (1st, 2nd and 5th toes) and 1 day into having my right  foot bunionectomy and 2 hammertoes (2nd and 3rd toes) done. My right foot had the most severe hard corns. The third and pinky toes being the worst assaulted.
I will show week by week pics of my progress and share reflective analysis on my surgery.

My bunion did not require screws nor did my hammertoes require pins. My doctor used the McBride method.

Here's a before surgery pic but it only shows my right foot, the left one is the worse. My upcoming pics are likely to be utterly gross and not for weak stomachs. I want to be a visual as possible without turning readers off, so, here goes...

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  1. Thank you for your blog! I'm gearing up for hammertoe surgery and possible bunion surgery. I think I may even need arch surgery. This is an honest (and funny!) foot surgery blog :-)