Saturday, December 29, 2012

Surgery Again!! Time to Fix My Right Foot!

Ok, so here are the before and during photos of my right foot on surgery day. My doctor is going to fix my right foot bunion plus 2nd and 3rd hammertoes. Again, he used the McBride sugical method. The surgery took place in his Uptown center and took about 1 hour to complete start to finish.

Right before surgery: Busted nail polish...jutting bunion and hammertoes, BE GONE! The left toe corns are not hard at all and just appear as topical bruising from the bend of the hammertoe. At rest, you can really see the 2d toe moving over to the 3rd toe. Should I have waited more years to fix my bone deformity, my toes would be throwing up gang signs! Hahaha.

Right after surgery: My foot immediately swelled, however, it was painless as I felt nothing.

This time my doctor prescribed me with Ibruprofen, antibiotics, and stronger pain meds named Vicodin. I took it very easy and jumped into bed with propped up pillows. I cooked a huge pot of cabbage soup last night that should ensure I have a healthy meal for the next few days. I made the mistake of taking all of my meds at once, so they made me super nauseous and I was so queasy that I had to sleep it off. Word of advice,  spread your different meds out over the course of the day so they don't make you sick. DUH!! LOL.
ADVICE: Take the painkillers as soon as you get home and stay on a schedule taking the pills every 4-6 hours as indicated on the bottle. This prevents you from feeling any unnecessary amounts of pain.

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