Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 1 Left foot- During and After Surgery (GRAPHIC)

This is Week 1 of my left foot, since I'm doing one foot at a time. On November 16th, 2012 I had my left bunion surgically fixed and my 2nd, third and 5th hammertoes. The 3rd and 5th toes had the WORST hard corns. Very unsightly. The surgery took place at my surgeon's surgery center located uptown NYC. The anesthesiologist put me under general meds and while I slept for 15 minutes, my doctor numbed my foot really well. I woke up just as the doctor was to begin cutting my foot open to perform magic. I asked to take pics and he graciously said yes. Don't puke, but this is the view I had:

Ok, now that those goodies are out of the way. Here are some DAY 3 pics I took. I went back to the surgeon on this day for him to examine my post op foot. He changed my bandages. By the time I got home I could not resist looking at my feet. So, I unwrapped them and here's what the looked like. My feet were very swollen and reminded me of when I was pregnant. I wonder if my canckles were there prior to surgery?! Haha.

LOOK AT HOW STRAIGHT MY BIG TOE IS! Sweet! Checking out my feet made me feel much better about having undergone surgery.

My corns are definitely STILL poppin on the third toe and fifth toe! The doctor said the skin would become soft and go away on it's own. I pray...

Lots of dried up blood around the stitches and traces of iodine from surgery day.

Day 2-4 were very painful days for me and Tylenol with codeine did not help one bit during these days. My doctor ordered me to double the dosage and it helped just a bit. I stayed on my couch with foot elevated. I watched so much TV and Netflix documentaries it was unbelievable. On these days the pain was so unbearable, I had gotten used to being pushed to the bathroom in my desk chair by my boyfriend and 11 year old daughter! Even my 2 year old daughter joined in on the 'fun' to push her crying mommy to the lavatory.  LOL and SMH.

My toes were very tender and the swelling is evident by how much 2nd and 3rd toe dwarf my 4th toes which was not operated on.

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