Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 2-3 Left Foot- The Stitches Are Out!

My stitches were removed right at the end of Week 2 and the very beginning of Week 3.  My doctor's nurse did it and it was a little painful on the second toe. I think it was healing too well and she really had to pull it out and I really had to scream about that! She was as gentle as possible though. I also started to use loads of vitamin E oil to moisturize after soaking my feet and using A&D ointment on my scars. I soaked once in the AM and once in the PM and massaged my scars with the oils as gently as possible.

My doctor encouraged me to return to a sneaker and I refused. I was in way too much pain! My foot felt like it was being squeezed into my sneaker and then my toes felt crushed. So, I tried my Uggs and even they were too tight because of the plush sheepskin on the inside. So, I donned my surgery boot when I had to leave the house for appointments. I would try to wear a sneaker again in Week 5.

These pics show what my feet looked like with the stitches out and oiled up with Vitamin E oil.

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