Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 2 Left Foot- Ashy, Itchy and Healing

Week 2 saw some pain improvement. The most intense pain subsided and I was able to walk on my own around my apartment. I walked with a severe limp and lots of audible noises noting every painful step I took. I walked leaning on the side to avoid placing pressure on my bunion stitches. I see my doctor every Thursday and during this week I was able to take public transportation on my own to do so. Riding the bus SUCKED. Rude bus riders were not quick to offer me a seat even though I had my surgery boot on and was clearly in pain. Sigh. I always get up for the pregnant and disabled. Week 2 I was definitely feeling disabled and really needed a seat. I wanted a motor scooter, a wheelchair, or at least Access a Ride, which is NYC public surface transpiration that makes door to door pick ups and drop offs for disabled riders. I did not qualify. Ok, I digress.

My foot itched like crazy and during this week my doctor allowed me to start soaking my foot. My stitches were still in. Yep, that also meant I could take a shower. Talk about living out my dreams! Soaking my foot helped to relieve the soreness of my foot. I soaked in Epsom salts and peroxide. Afterwards, I applied lotion only to the bottom half of my foot to avoid infecting my wounds. It did not work and my feet were peeling like crazy from lack of moisture.

These pics reveal a close up of my 3rd and 5th toe corns as well. They were very hard and dry during this week. My bunion is gone and my big toe is still straight. This is the week I started day dreaming about how all of my shoes were going to fit better.

This side view depicts the bunion area that is bright red and seemingly inflamed. My doc prescribed me stronger antibiotics just to be sure I wasn't developing an infection. He cut away one stitch to let some fluid out and taped the area with surgical tape.  

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