Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 3 Left Foot- Get Out of the House

Week 3 my skin was still dark and bruised in the surgical areas. Some moisture returned and my feet weren't as dry and flaky. My corns were still there chilling on my toes. I still soaked my feet religiously 2x a day and massaged oil into them. I also tried my best to bend my toes by using my thumb and my forefinger to bend them, but that wasn't happening! It was far too painful. I was rushing this process of healing and I needed to relax and wait another week or so. My doctor understood my tolerance for pain with my feet was not high and he did not aggressively push me to bend them.

I wasn't on any pain medication anymore and so my foot soaks were my pain management.

During this week I really started to feel the effects of being home alone. My partner was at work all day and my children at school and day care. My friends were at work and not available to physically visit me. I became a little depressed and had some morbid thoughts about various things in life. I had nothing but time to think about many negative things and to really experience increased anxiety. I would suggest ensuring that you try to leave the house at least once a day for a few minutes to be sure you get fresh air and sun on your skin. This will help you maintain good mental health while you recover. Also, share your feelings with family and friends. When all else fails, see professional help. I did and it helped!

Here are Week 3 pictures:

I was very concerned about the skin healing in the bunion area because the top layer was still wet and open though my stitches were removed. I made sure to note this so I could discuss this with my doctor.

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