Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 4 Left Foot- Peeling Like a Chameleon and Floating Toes

Week 4 was an active week in my foot surgery world. I wore flat moccasins to my podiatrist appointment, in an attempt to get out of the surgical boot. At the apportionment my doctor cut away away the top layer of dead skin from around the bunion area. This would allow the fresh skin below to heal properly and speed things up. As you can see, dryness had returned to my foot because on that day
because I wore my Minnetonka moccasin's, the only shoe I owned that fit comfortably, without any socks.

Now, on to some pinky toe grossness:
The leather immediately wicked away the very little amount of moisture I had in my foot and cracked open my pinky toe. The top layer of skin was dead and hard yet PEELABLE!  I could not resist picking off the dead skin and ridding myself of the superficial part of the hard corn that formed there. I soaked my foot and then dried it and proceeded to cute/peel away the dead corn. The result below.

During this week, I also realized that my toes still didn't touch the floor. I made a concerted effort to start bending them using the exercises my doctor taught me. It was painful, yet the exercises worked to make my toes more flexible. See Week 4 floating toes below.

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