Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 5 Left Foot- Meds Again!

During Week 5 my doctor prescribed me oral steroids to help bring down inflammation and swelling to my foot. He was concerned that my bunion area is still bright pink. My doctor was still very pleased with my healing. He noted my foot had some hyper pigmentation, which meant my normal foot color was returning amid some of the bruising from surgery. My foot continues to peel and shed dead skin. I continue to soak 2x a day and massage vitamin E oil into my skin after those massages. I also began to use the 1x daily Mederma formula on the scars as well.

After taking the steroids, my swelling went down immediately and I was able to wear my Ugg boot comfortably for the first time. I was also able to fit into two different pair of sneakers.

Week 6 will also be week I get my second foot operated on. 

I am obsessed with trying to ensure the corns go away. My doctor reassured me that it just takes a few week and they will definitely go away. They are smoother in appearance because the hard dead skin has fallen off. So, we'll see. 

The nail polish on my pedicure is growing out, but hey, you want to see the pics right?? So please ignore the polish new growth! :)

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