Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 1/2- Right Foot Disappointment

Well, yesterday was 9 days post op on my right foot. I am so disappointed in the physical results of my bunionectomy. The big toe seems to be leaning even more toward my other toes. What the hell happened. I was so shocked to silence when my doctor unwrapped my foot. I was only able to exclaim,  "Why is my toe leaning?!" My doctor said the results are normal and that one foot will not be identical to the other, however my right foot still looks like I have a bunion! he said in time my toe should be fine and that if its not, he can always perform another surgery. WHAT?? Another surgery??? UMMM, sir, you're outta your mind. That's nearly admitting that you jacked my feet up, no?

Its the weirdest thing seeing as my left foot is so straight and perfectly aligned. Immediately after surgery (check two posts back), my right big toe looked pretty straight, now...not so much! Here is a comparison view of right after surgery and today, 9 days later:
He also introduced me to toe separators which are wedges of material that is used to push the big toes off of the other toes. I have to wear the wedge 24/7. I have little faith they will work. I guess I'm just too upset that my painful bunion will be gone but aesthetically my foot still looks wonky. Hopefully when the swelling subsides I'll be happier with the results. I really expected my big toe to be better aligned. I'm totally self-loathing right now.

Pics of leaning big toe, bunion stitches and hammertoe stitches and toe separator:

 Even with a toe separator, it still looks like I have a bunion :(.

Here is a comparison of my left foot and my right foot. Noticeably, the left foot is STILL jutting out just as it was prior to surgery. 

I dare not say this surgery is botched. So, I went to the self proclaimed gurus 's the web and Googled "big toe leaning after bunion surgery". To my surprise this affects many people. I called up one of my friends who recently had the surgery and she also said she was very upset that both of her feet still appeared to have a bunion, even though they had been surgically removed for weeks. The search also yielded that I could wear bunion splints while my bone healed over the next 6 weeks. I will be trying to locate bunion splints this week. I'll try most anything to fix what I see as a flaw of this surgery.

Now, on to pain and pain management. I'm off of the Vicodin, which is great. My bunion areas pains me when I walk too much. I continue to keep my foot elevated. Though my stitches are still in, I am able to soak my feet. I did my first foot soak last night and it relieved some pressure off of my foot. I'll continue to soak 2x per day with epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide.

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