Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week 3-Right Foot Update

Today my stitches were removed on my right foot. It is officially week 3 and my foot is itchy as all get out! I soak it 2x per day and the wounds are itchy aka healing. There's a lot of soreness and cramping. I rely on my surgical boot to walk around. Soaking my foot really helps a lot to manage pain and swelling. I take OTC meds when it's unbearable.

My right foot still has a curve and the bunion is not as straight as my left foot :(. My doctor said after the swelling subsides, he can go back in and re-align my big toe. I don't want another surgery but I would appreciate symmetrical feet. Insert huge sigh!!

The moment you've all been waiting for, PICS!!!!

 YES, I painted my toes! No more busted polish. :) 

 Side profile, of my bunion. 
 Up close of hammertoes stitches removed from toes 2 and 3. Lots of toe swelling. 
GREASE ME UP BABY!! Vitamin E oil, Cocoa butter and A & D ointment. All day, err day, many times a day. 

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