Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 7/8- Left Foot Update- Toe Wraps and Patience

This Friday makes 8 weeks since I had surgery on my left foot. The bunion is gone and the big toe is straight. The hammertoes are still a bit rigid. The second and third toe are a bit straight out. To combat them staying that way and to promote flexibility, I continue to soak my foot 2x per day and massage them in vitamin E oil while bending them.

The color is returning to most of my foot and the corns on my third and 5th toe are becoming much softer. However, I am still scared they won't go away completely. Today I purchased toe wraps at my local pharmacy. They are like little sleeves for my toes. The package states it'll help treat old corns while preventing new ones. I placed them on my 2nd, 3rd and 5th toes. *Fingers crossed*

My foot still appears a little swollen, however, its far from where it was a few weeks ago, so I'm ok with the progress of the swelling on my left foot. I am still waiting to regain all feeling in my big toe. Patience is a virtue.

I can fit into a sneaker, however, I feel most comfortable in my Ugg boot. The scarring improves week by week. In fact, reviewing the pics on my blog helps me to compare week to week and to feel more confident that improvement has been made. My toes are still dark though and indicate signs of hyper pigmentation. I will keep close watch on this.

Here are pics of my left foot with the toe wraps (slathered in vitamin E oil):


  1. Bunion is one of the most common forefoot deformities. A displacement of the bone under the 1st toe occurs. This causes the big toe to move towards the smaller toes. This shifting of the bones causes a bony prominence on the side of the patients foot (the bunion joint). Over a period of time the big toe may come to rest under (occasionally over) the 2nd toe.

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