Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 7 Right Foot Update-SURGERY AGAIN!!! :(

Ok, here is the update on my right foot:
Well, after my foot infection cleared up (check Week 4 Right Foot Update post) and the swelling subsided, the doctor FINALLY admitted he "under-corrected my bunion." Those were his exact words. My big toe is curved into my 2nd toe, it's moved right underneath it. EVEN WORSE than it was prior to surgery. That pressure is causing my second toe to move into my third toe. There isn't much pain associated with this condition, but there is discomfort. I feel a constant need to try to spread my feet out and take my shoe off because my foot feels awkward.

To remedy this, I am going back into surgery this afternoon. The doctor explained, in layman terms, that he needs to tighten a ligament which is like a rubber band, once he pulls it taught my big toe will be straighter and move off of my toes. He'll then stitch it back and all should be well. I hope it works and that I'm not in a lot of pian. I plan to be out of work this Thursday and Friday, recover the weekend and return on Monday.

My doctor alluded that I was looking for perfection..OH NO HE DIDN'T! Let me be clear, I do not need perfect feet, but I need to rid myself of foot pain AND have symmetry in my feet AND a better appearance. What's the point of surgery if the results are worse than when you started?

So, now that I've vented, I'm ready to get this problem resolved so that I can begin the healing process...all.over.again.

BTW< my hammertoes are looking great. They were removed from the second and third toe.

Check out the pic of my curvy, bent over right foot big toe. Also check out the side by side comparison of my left and right foot together.

(You can compare the progress on my right foot by scrolling back and viewing the Week 1 Right Foot Update post and comparing it to the pics below).


Left foot toes are evenly spaced out. Right foot toes are bunched up and the big toe is still doing a little bit of a gangster lean.


  1. Hi! You're feet look great! Did you have any scarring left? I just had toe straightening surgery on my right foot, three toes on April 5th of this year. It's healed fine, no pain and I can wear regular shoes again but I'm scared that I'm getting keloids or scarring over the incision site. I just started using Mederma, kinda scared because I didn't start earlier but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for posting on my page! If you were going to keloid, it would've likely shown by now. I used Mederma for a few weeks on my left foot, however, I didn't keep up with it like I should've. Vitamin E oil has really worked for me. Many friends and family have commented that my scars look good