Monday, October 28, 2013

Check Out My Feet 10 Months Post-Op!

It has been nearly a year since I began my journey of fixin' my 'bad feet'. My journey has not been a walk in the park. Nonetheless, it has been an awesome experience improving the function and aesthetics of my feet. I encourage anyone having feet problems to see their podiatrist for a solution. 

I was very insecure about my feet and they were always in constant pain, even when wearing reasonable shoes. My bunions would sometimes hurt so badly that my feet would feel numb. Teetering on heels with pointy toe boxes encouraged the growth of hammertoes and corns. My toes were busted! What a horrible and unnecessary pain to live with. I never wanted to show my feet and lived in constant fear of someone seeing them. My family made jokes about my toes all of the time. I was insecure but more so, I was in pain. 

I found a doctor and began my journey of correcting my feet abnormalities. 

Here is what my toes look like today 10 months post-op. They are not perfect but they function better than before. 

Left Foot update:
This foot underwent a bunion removal, plus hammertoe correction on toes 2, 3 and 5. The bunion healed pretty well and my scarring is in a good location. I rarely feel pain in my left foot bunion area. The corns on the 3rd toe are gone and most of my normal skin color has returned. I'm most impressed with the 3rd toe as its was the worst looking and feeling of them all. However, my little 5th toe (pinky toe) is still taking a beating and the stubborn corn just wont go away and from the look and feel, its gotten a little worse. I wear sensible shoes and rarely wear heels, yet my 5th toe bothers me in every shoe unless it is a sneaker. I will see my doctor soon to talk about the healing on this toe. Here is the before (right after surgery) and after (today) of my left foot:

Here is a pic of my left foot surgery scars. They are well hidden along the sides of my toes:

Right Foot Update
My right foot underwent surgery twice in the bunion area. The first time my foot remained a bit curved and some bone had to be removed to straighten the bunion. This foot always hurt me most. To date, I still experience bunion pain on this foot. I also had hammertoe correction on my 2nd and 3rd toes. My toes are very comfortable and I do not experience any pain there. Here is a shot of my right foot today:

As you can see, the scars of the surgery are well hidden. Though there is still a bit of of a 'curve' to the big toe. That is the area that still causes me pain. 

Here is a side profile shot of the scar:

Overall, I am pleased with my progress. Though I am a little concerned with the regression of progress on my left pinky toe. I'll take my concerns and questions to my doctor. Please share your thoughts, comments and questions regarding my experience correcting my bunions and hammertoes. 

THANKS for viewing! 


  1. Thank you SO much for this blog! I had surgery on 10-23-13 to correct a bunion and two hammertoes that were caused by trauma.
    I found your blog a few days prior to my surgery and it helped me so much. I had a clearer picture of what to expect.
    I went for my first post op appt on 10-28-13. The doctor took away the brace and rewrapped my foot. In 4 days, I will have my second post op appt in which the doctor will remove the stitches.
    As of now, I cannot walk/put any pressure on that foot. I wheel myself around the house with a wheelchair and I use crutches to hop short distances in the house. I find myself getting really winded using the crutches though.
    I will eventually have to have a bunionectomy on my other foot, but I am so not looking forward to least not yet.
    Thanks again for sharing your journey and posting pictures!

  2. Around what month did your normal color return to your feet? Do you still have numbness to your toes? if not, around what month did you have feeling to your toes? thanks!

  3. Hello,

    I am will be getting bunion removal surgery in June but after that I still have to get corns removed on both pinky toes. Did a podiatrist do your surgery or plastic surgeon ?

  4. Thank you for chronicling your journey online. This blog has made me feel a lot more comfortable about getting my hammertoe correction surgery. I was worried about the pain, but you have put my mind at ease. I have been living with this condition for years, and it is time for my hammertoe to go.

  5. Honestly, I think that your feet look great, and I hope that they are working well for you. My feet actually look a lot like your feet because they have a curve to the big toe as well. I have problems in the upper inner foot that I will probably need to have worked on. Your story is inspiring to me, so thank you!

  6. I had correction surgery only 4 days ago and I'm already depressed about being in the house immobile. I see your toes look great and it gave me the motivation I needed to do mine. I want to walk around but I feel like I'm apply too much pressure on it... Is that normal? I had both feet done; one toe on left side and 3 toes on right side.

  7. hammertoe and corns removed. Had 3 pairs of NEW shoes I've been dying to wear. They hurt and were tight pre-surgery. Post surgery they don't hurt as bad (i had some bad nerves removed as well) but shoes are still tight. One shoe is is even TIGHTER. Its not bcuz of the normal post surgery swelling eithher, as my right foot is not even swollen and that shoe is tight too. sad face. Did anyone else's feet get BIGGER post hammer toe (both pinky toes) surgery?


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